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Leak Destroys CIA Agent

Karl Rove Implicated

Oct. 23rd, 2003

Karl Rove, the president’s chief advisor and reportedly the main puppeteer behind the throne, could eventually prove to be the weak link in the White House that brings down this administration. Rove, who has a reputation as a venomous, power hungry, egotist, is also known for his evil nature in seeking revenge for anyone who crosses him.

Rove exemplifies the power mad clique of high-level advisors that surround Bush. They are also entirely too typical of the sort of people (and in some cases actually are the same people) that surrounded Nixon and Reagan.

These people are driven by a cause that does not involve the welfare of America or its citizens. They support an alternative motive that promotes the generation of power for themselves and wealth for their friends, families and the companies with which they are associated. These are primarily the military industries and Big Oil.

In the Nixon era his advisors were drunk with power. They flagrantly disregarded the rules and actually invented the concept of “dirty tricks.” They operated so effortlessly below the radar that they got careless. When Watergate brought them down and drove Nixon into exile it was a miniscule tip of the iceberg. There was so much illegal activity going on that Nixon found it expedient to resign and leave town rather than risk further investigations.

The same thing happened in the Reagan White House, where the illegal arms for oil operation known as the Contra Affair, actually operated out of the basement of the White House in spite of explicit legislation from the Congress.

These people believe they are above the law. They are driven by the excitement of power and believe themselves to be more intelligent and knowledgeable than everyone else. They ignore all advice that contradicts their opinions and trudge ahead implanting their own agendas. This, to a great degree, is the reason the US went to war in Iraq.

Karl Rove exemplifies the type of people who relish the power behind the Office of the President. He is power mad and out of control. Unless he is reigned in, he could prove to be the downfall of the Bush Regime.

Rove is also reportedly the guy who "leaked" the information on Ambassador Joseph Wilson's wife, the CIA agent. Ambassador Wilson, himself, named Rove as the source of the leak during a Washington symposium. This action was apparently initiated in a fit of revenge for Wilson's report on Iraq, which refused to support the administration's claims of weapons of mass destruction and attempts at building nuclear weapons.

There are now reports that Mrs Wilson's entire team of overseas agents has been liquidated because of this. Rove, if proven guilty could face a mandatory prison term of 10 years to life, according to the 1982 Intelligence Identity Protection Act.

It's questionable whether Rove will be investigated. The Administration has its big guns out in an attempt to suppress any investigations. Wilson's status as an ambassador may prove key here. The administration is claiming he no longer held the position at the time of the leaks. Wilson claims he was still formally employed by the State Department and had three weeks left on his contract at the time.

This is an important issue because if Wilson was an official US Ambassador at the time and the case goes before the US Court of Appeals the Secretary of State, Colin Powell, cannot refuse to formally petition the Department of Justice for the prosecution of Karl Rove and an investigation into the roles of the president and vice president in this fiasco.

Powell could also undertake this action on his own and sign a formal complaint from the State Department, but this is highly unlikely.

If Rove were to implicate Bush in this matter, revealing the president as the source of an order resulting in this crime, it would remove the shield of immunity enjoyed by the president and Bush, himself, could be tried for murder.

Rove, by the way, holds a dual citizenship, the US and Germany, and his diplomatic status would enable him to flee the country. If he were to escape to Switzerland he could not be extradited.

This is an interesting issue as we move into an election year. It is also another under-reported issue in the national media. The Administration is applying huge amounts of pressure to keep a cover on the story and even the Democrats, including Howard Dean, are hesitant to mention it public.

By the way, do you know Karl Rove's real name?

Karl Roverer. He is the grandson of Karl Heinz Roverer, the man whose company built Birchenau, a concentration camp in Nazi Germany.